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January 2018, PG&E just announced that it is withholding corporate profits that it would otherwise pay to its shareholders. PG&E wants to make that money available to settle lawsuits filed against it by fire victims. Those settlement could total billions of dollars. But to be paid, a fire victim needs to file suit. That means each homeowner needs to hire his own fire attorney.

Moskowitz LLP works with a team of top-rate lawyers who have successfully sued PG&E in many other fire cases. The money they have recovered has allowed victims to rebuild their homes when their insurance fell short. No one knows more about PG&E and wildfires than they do. They are from California – not from New York or Florida or Texas. And they have already started filing lawsuits in San Francisco, where all the cases will be heard.

Call us, we can help on the tax side of the loss and get you started on making your own claim against PG&E. The sooner you get started, the sooner you will be able to rebuild.

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